Fresh Thinking on Oil Prices – Letter to Editor HB Today


Your article on oil prices was timely given the debate about the oil & gas industry coming to the East Coast. AA’s Mark Stockdale makes a number of pertinent comments which bear further consideration: society is hugely dependant on oil, the world is running out of cheep oil, and it’s a finite resource and demand is expected to grow. So what are we going to do when oil runs out, or becomes to expensive for everyday use? Amongst other things this is what drives me to question why is the government and local councils encouraging the oil & gas industry here. Even if the East Coast were to become the Texas of the South the resource will soon run out and then where will we be? Our leaders should be thinking of the effects decisions will have on our grandchildren, and not buy into short term gains. Our leaders should apply fresh thinking and work towards transiting to a petroleum reduced economy, rather than repeat the mistakes of the past. The alternative is to have our grandchildren suffer through an economic revolution to reach the same end. Is this really the sort of legacy we wish to leave them?

Submitted 8/4/13 – Published 10/4/13

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