Should we take work seriously?

One of the great joys in working somewhere like Pack N Save is the interaction you can have with the public. I’m currently working as a shelf stacker and enjoy catching up with people whilst they are doing thier groceries.

It’s great fun interacting with random people whom you’ve never met before. The content of shopping trollys are interesting in much the same way as I enjoy looking at someones bookshelf, or in the olden days a record collection, to get an insight into how people live.

When I see young people come through without vegetables a great opening line is to say something like “if you don’t eat your greens you’ll get scurvy”. Most young people react to this sort of comment in a positive manner and it leads to all sorts of conversations such as “have you enrolled yet?”

With the older generation my opening gambit is often something like “that’s an interesting ingredient, what’s for dinner?”. This can often lead to a conversation about what’s really in our food and food labeling.

Sometimes we can effect change not by banging drums at city hall by just by interacting with random people. Try asking someone at the fish and chip shop how thier day was. Or make some random comment at the bus stop like “what do you think about oil exploration?” I’ve never had anyone hit me or anything but I’ve had some really interesting conversations.

Just a thought.

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