John Hayes v Fonterra – Letter to the Editor – Bush Telegraph

I was astounded that in his 27 February column From the House John Hayes was advocating the break up of Fonterra. In his rant against Eugine Sage’s question to the Local Government Minister he perhaps forgot what socialism is. Socialism is an economic system characterised by social ownership (including co-operatives) of the means of production. For your enlightenment Mr Hayes, unlike yourself, the Green Party is very supportive of the co-operative model. I wish you well in discussing your alternative ownership vision for Fonterra with your constituents.
Also, yet again you raised the Weber dog incident and blamed opponents of hydraulic fracturing for causing this. Clearly you have not bothered to check the facts, because even the owners involved know that the incident had nothing to do with fracking. Mr Hayes you should know better, and that your tactic of repeatedly telling untruths in the hope that mud sticks could well backfire on you.
Letter submitted 4 Mar 2013
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