Clive River v Ngaruroro River

Well done Des Ratima for raising the issue of renaming the Clive River the Ngaruroro River. So it should be.

To quote Des “I am pleased to see it’s been discussed for the first time and I will be even more pleased if the council (HBRC) moves to reinstate, not remane, the Ngaruroro River becuase this is what it’s about, reinstating its proper name”

As a society we should be embrasing our Maori heritage and Maori culture. It is what differentaiates us from the rest of the world.

Des, I’m behind you 100% on this one. Feel free to write to your local District Counciller to support Des.

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One Response to Clive River v Ngaruroro River

  1. i dont realy think it is appropriot to change the name of ngaruroro river to clive if it was my choise id leave the name how it is .

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