Truth about BERL

Everyone is entitled to their opinion but one would hope that they are based on facts. In the Monday Write-In Malcolm Eves claims that “the Berl.economists have never run a business”. Business and Economic Research Ltd has in fact been in existence since 1957, far longer than his own business which has only been in existence since 2000. One also has to wonder how much experience Mr Eves has had in running a railway company himself to allow him to form the opinions he has. I am also pleased that he finds it scary that the Greens wish to offer a solution to solve the housing crisis because it shows that the solution is credible. I put it to Mr Eves that there is nothing dangerous about borrowing money which will be repaid, unlike borrowing money to fund unsustainable tax cuts, roads of national insignificance, and subsidising land owners on the Ruataniwhia Plains
Letter to the Editor HB Today Published 13/2/13.
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