Backing the Bay the Foss Way – Letter to editor HB Today


I’m a great believer that people learn from their mistakes. That’s why I am concerned about Craig Foss claiming that the Ruataniwha Dam and oil and gas exploration are going to be the economic saviour of us all (We need to back Bay like business pioneers 4/2/13).

Surely he has read the Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment’s report which listed 6 East Coast specific questions regarding fracking, which to my knowledge have yet to be answered by anyone, before he places such hope in this industry. Surely he took note of the market who wiped 30% off TAG Oils share price when Apache announced they were leaving the East Coast? What does Mr Foss know that the market doesn’t? As a neo-lib, the market is his religion. Has he lost the faith?

Surely he has listened to the valid concerns raised about the economic viability of the dam? Is that why this government has to essentially make a cash grant to the farmers of the Ruataniwha plains just to make the numbers work? I even find myself agreeing with John Harrison who describes the dam as socialist farming.

Or perhaps he has been as hurried in his comments as what he was in signing off Novapay? Unlike Novapay neither the dam nor a fracking disaster can be fixed by parachuting in Steven Joyce. Please don’t make the same mistake twice Mr Foss.

(Submitted 6/2/13 – yet to be published)

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