Being Greatful

Now that both my kids have started school I’ve been applying for jobs. I’m well aware that times are hard for business. After we’re been told this what seems like every day. But does this mean that we should be ‘greatful’ to employers for offering positions?

Running a business involves managing risk, and this includes taking on new employees. But why should employees be forced to accept any and every term that is offered?

Recently I interviewed for a job that was advertised as 24 hours, over 3 days, per week. The hours suited me as I could after school care and still have time to manage my political (although some may call it shit stirring) interests. It was minimum wage but it wasn’t so much the money, but the flexible hours I was after.

However it was expected that I would be ‘on call’ the remaining 4 days to be able to pick up extra hours and more money. When I said that I couldn’t guarantee availability 100% the interviewer said there were plenty of other people who would be ‘greatful’ for the job.

If being greatful means having to put your life on hold just incase you got a call for an employee to fill in for a co-worker who is sick then no I’m not greatful. I’d like to think I’m the sort of guy who gives 100% to an employer. However I do expect the same in return.

Not surprisingly I’d didn’t get the position. I don’t have sour grapes as I’m a great believer that something else even better will turn up, but if a business wants to get the best out of their staff then they should treat them with respect and not be condescending.

An expectation of being on call 24/7 is highly restrictive. What if an employee picked up another part-time job. Would they then get sacked from the fist one even though they are available for the hours agreed?

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