Yes to GM Ban – Letter to editor HB Today

William Rolleston contradicts himself with respect to Hawkes Bay being a GM-free zone. He argues that farmers should have the right to decide if they want to use GM technology and that HBDC will be unable to protect it’s boarders from cross contamination. He is admitting that GM technology cannot be contained which by implication means that organic farmers do not have the right to decide to farm organically if GM technology is released next door. In Federated Farmers land it seems it is ok for proponents of GM technology to trample all over the rights of others. Unless he can guarantee that GM technology can be contained, and that consumers are happy to buy products labelled ‘contains GM product’, then it should not be released and HBDC should support Pure Hawkes Bay and make Hawkes Bay a GM-free zone. We have to start somewhere, why not here?
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